12 Most Meaningful 12 Words by 12 Writers on 12/12/12 at 12:12

12 Most Meaningful 12 Words by 12 Writers on 12/12/12 at 12:12

The number 12 has special significance to us here at 12 Most. So of course, I just had to mention it was 12/12/12 in our Facebook writer’s group. With that, Tim McDonald asked, “What are we doing at 12:12:12pm today?”

Lily Zajac mentioned something about 12 words and that’s all it took to spark the creative minds of this wonderful tribe and unleash a flash mob of inspiration. Following are the 12 words that meant something special to twelve 12 Mosters on this most important of days.

1. Tim McDonald

Awesome, connections, empathy, habit, start!, communications, kindness, passion, mentor, leadership, compassion, community

2. Jodi Okun

Gracious, thoughtful, honest, happy, friendship, funny, inspirational, wise, pure, compassionate, generous, charitable

3. Douglas Rice

Resilience, optimism, implementation, purpose, discipline, discretion, contentment, patience, authenticity, gratitude, courage, love

4. Paul Biedermann

Creative, empathetic, serene, patient, hopeful, ducks-in-a-rowed, courageous, humble, proactive, energized, centered, driven

5. Michelle Mazur

Sparkle, bouncing, communicate, share, passion, positive, infused, crazy pants, deliciously ambitious, create

6. Renee Dobbs

Inspiration, nature, food, friends, family, honor, smiles, memories, community, giving, caring, sharing

7. Eileen McDonnell Gross

Creative, supportive, social, smart, caring, go-getters, wisecrackers, movers & shakers, appreciative, energetic, dynamic, motivated

8. Brian Vickery

Family, friends, integrity, empathy, intimacy, leader, supporter, gentle, perseverance, indomitable, generous, home

9. Peggy Fitzpatrick

Pinterest, friends, conversations, family, creating, reading, music, 12 Most, writing, Sharpies, cooking, community

10. Steve Birkett

Music, artistry, words, fire, vision, humanity, Liverpool, NYC, winter, family, cadence, books

11. Sharon Greenthal

Family, writing, social media, goodbyes, blogs, eye-opening, beginnings, redecorating, growth, planning, fifty, friends

12. Sumner Musolf

As a host; write a post; then boast; “I’m on 12 Most!”

Well, what do you think of those 12, 12 words of significance to 12 Writers on 12/12/12 at 12:12? Of course, there is always someone who takes liberties with an idea, but we wouldn’t have 12 Most be any other way.

What are your 12?

Photo illustration work: Paul Biedermann, re:DESIGN

Article by Paul Biedermann

Paul Biedermann


Paul Biedermann is Creative Director/Owner of re:DESIGN and Managing Partner/Editor-in-Chief of 12 Most. re:DESIGN specializes in Strategic Design, Brand Identity, and Visual Content Marketing. Paul intersects smart, custom design with visual business strategies that reach, engage, and inspire people to action. He also founded the vibrant re:DESIGN Google+ community for those who value what good design can do for business, and served on the Board of Directors of the Social Media Association. Paul began his career at ABC Broadcasting before moving to a design agency that created innovative campaigns for ESPN and then becoming Art Director for NFL Properties. As Creative Director for The McGraw-Hill Companies, Paul spearheaded projects for such leading brands as Standard & Poor’s, BusinessWeek, J.D. Power and Associates, Architectural Record, and McGraw-Hill Education. You can follow Paul on Twitter, "Like" re:DESIGN on Facebook, circle him on Google+, follow him on Pinterest or visit his blog.

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@PaulBiedermann Late to the party, but here's my 12: Thinking a dozen lovely thoughts of peace, harmony and friendship to all.


Fun post...sorry I missed it...I knew there was a reason I hated bookkeeping!


Eating 12" sub at 12/12/12 12:12pm.Not very inspirational, but pretty damn tasty.

Cheers to all 12 mosters.


so fun what a great way to kick off the day  - flash mob style - you never know when 12Most will get up and sing or dance. Great group of friends (I should have put dance as one of my 12) :-)