12 Most Fabulous Ways to Make Your Facebook Cover Photo Pop

12 Most Fabulous Ways to Make Your Facebook Cover Photo Pop

Ready to market your business with an imaginative and original Facebook cover photo, but lack inspiration? Rev up your creative juices with these 12 fabulous ways to make your Facebook cover photo POP!

1. Branding

Rather than posting a random picture, reinforce your brand by choosing a photograph or imagery that best represents your company. Fans expect to see something that they associate with your brand; something they can relate to. When a picture does not match up with the expectation, there is a sense of disconnect and disappointment. Understand what your brand represents and then determine how you can convey that both visually and emotionally.

2. Product announcement

Ready to roll out a new product or service? Put it on the cover photo! This will entice potential customers and hold the attention of current fans.

For example, if you sell cupcakes and your latest offering is a decadent mocha caramel brownie truffle, sharing an image (or two) of this decadent dessert will leave your fans salivating and begging for more! Before you get started though, read Facebook’s strict cover photo guidelines.

3. Make a collage

If a simple Facebook cover image just is not enough, try a collage! Create a colorful collage including pictures that represent the essence of your business. If you’re a landscaping company, share gorgeous pictures of beautifully designed front and back yards. If you offer small business solutions, share images of your top products and services.

4. Fan of the day

If your fans love your brand, leverage that adoration! After all, nothing beats a third-party endorsement from a raving fan. Whether you choose a fan once a week or once a month, add them to a special page app that includes their picture and description for anyone visiting your page to see. You can be sure that they will appreciate the recognition and hopefully join in the celebration by sharing the information from your page.

5. Promote an upcoming event

Do you have an incredibly important date coming up? Launching a new product? Opening a location in a new part of town? Take the opportunity to tease that event! Build excitement around your marketing campaign by incorporating it into your Facebook cover design. Just remember, create interest but don’t give everything away. Facebook teaser campaigns can be very effective at arousing curiosity and gaining the attention of your niche market.

6. Celebrate the holidays

Don’t be afraid to let a day be more than just a date on a calendar! Holidays are a free opportunity to create content that people are already emotionally connected to and truly care about. What’s that you say? Your company loves to create jobs in America? And it’s the 4th of July? What a coincidence! It may sound hokey, but paying homage to a holiday and making a connection to your business can go a long way in creating a loyal fan base.

7. Location

Feature your storefront or location on your cover photo. If you sit at the corner of a popular location in town, make sure to feature that in your cover photo. Through proper branding, you create a powerful identifier both offline and online. Sometimes all a brand needs is a storefront to associate with, and as your operating image to your customer it should be given plenty of attention.

8. Faces of satisfied customers

Having a cover photo that displays your customers enjoying your company’s products or services is a surefire advertisement method. If you have proven to satisfy numbers of happy customers, other potential customers will be interested to see and hear from them. Not only will this apply to one of the previous ideas listed, it will also be a great way to build immediate trust with potential customers.

9. Behind the scenes

Add that personal touch to your cover photo by showcasing your team members or staff. Behind-the-scenes photos are a fun way to allow fans to better understand your company’s operations and services. I relate it to watching a movie on DVD or Blu-Ray. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes shots taken while the movie was filmed. It is intriguing to see the process of an idea born into movie magic.

While your product probably isn’t a Hollywood movie, you can be sure that what you do and how you achieve your results is still very interesting to your fans and customers.

10. Catchy slogan

Have a catchy slogan or a quirky statement that defines your company? Proudly display that on your cover photo! It will capture the attention of anyone browsing your page and is an undeniable connection to current fans. Old Spice is a great example of this strategy in action. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” marketing campaign was a smashing success and became a brand identifier that made a lasting impression.

Always remember that while market share may be an accountant’s best friend, mind share and the viral possibilities associated with that is a marketing department’s dream.

11. Inspire, excite and encourage

We all need a little inspiration now and again. Be the one motivating and encouraging factor in a fan’s life and they will definitely remember it. Some may even become long-term customers! It is not hard to imagine how one simple quote, image, or combination of the two can be just the words needed to turn a bad day around.

12. Summary of services

Is your business a startup? If so, people visiting your page may not be familiar with your services or products. Displaying a short summary of your service offerings or highlighting specific features will give fans an at-a-glance way to quickly connect with who you are.

Your own creative confines (and Facebook guidelines, lest we forget) truly are your only limitations when it comes to promoting your business through your cover image. So what did I miss? I would love to hear how you are using the cover photo to promote your business in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of Krikit licensed via Creative Commons.


Rebekah Radice


Rebekah is the CEO of Rebekah Radice LLC, a digital marketing agency assisting business owners in the creation and execution of an integrated online strategy. Rebekah has been actively involved in the marketing industry for over 17 years and is eager to put her experience, innovative ideas and keen sense of "what works," to work for you!

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Thoughtful and topical. It seems that Facebook is putting more attention on the contents of Facebook covers. FB knows that the covers may end up competing with ads if users add commercial content in them. The rules are not very different for companies. Brands will face the task of creating images that are both catchy and communicate the brand's message, while conforming to Facebook's policies (due to be updated soon).


Great tips. Apparently Facebook is getting snarkier with how much text you can use so I wonder how strict they'll be? I also wonder how many people pay attention to your cover photos. For me personally, when I change my personal cover it does get noticed but not so much with the brand pages I manage. I wonder if that's a function of it being a brand page or less reach. Although if I saw a cover with a chocolate cupcake I'm pretty sure I'd notice that one :)

PaulBiedermann moderator

Great tips from a real social media pro, Rebekah! So many business do a lousy job with their main images on the social networks, so this is helpful advice indeed.

One thing I would point out though, is that Facebook seems to be cracking down on including any direct calls to action, special offers or contact info such including website urls in the cover image. So it would be wise to look into the Facebook policies on this and take care to not be “overly promotional.”

Rebekah Radice
Rebekah Radice

@CarolLynnRivera How many fans are paying attention to your cover photo depends on a few things - are they engaged already with the page and is the imagery captivating. Now if you could post a picture of a cupcake on your cover everyday, I imagine you could convince anyone to hit the like button! :) 

Rebekah Radice
Rebekah Radice

@PaulBiedermann Thank you so much Paul! Facebook is definitely drawing the line in the sand between promoting your business and being spammy with links, etc. Very good advice on checking into the guidelines and not being overly promotional. You can sell (even more effectively IMHO) when you don't throw your business in the face of your fans, but instead choose a softer, more conversational approach.