12 Most Excellently Edible Ways to Thank Customers with Chocolate

12 Most Excellently Edible Ways to Thank Customers with Chocolate

I have a weakness for chocolate. One of my hobbies is sampling cocoa-based confections from around the world. When I was in high school, my parents brought me chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and France from their European vacation. I made that stash last almost a whole year.

This Valentine’s Day, thank your customers with words written in chocolate. Here are 12 ways to impress them this year:

1. Custom chocolates from a 3D printer

Make magazine has taught me much about the wonders you can create with a 3D printer. There is also an attachment called an extruder that will let you print edible custom chocolates.

2. Chocolate dust and stencils

An easier way to achieve edible art is through the use of stencils. Lightly dust your chocolate powder over a stencil onto any frosted cake. When you lift it up, you will find yourself the proud owner of a branded confection. For a more vibrant message, use a little colored confectioner’s sugar.

3. Edible bouquets

Don’t send flowers, send chocolates! “Edible arrangements” offers a bouquet filled with chocolate covered strawberries and other fresh fruits.

4. Chocolate covered fortune cookies

I received these as a Christmas present this year and they were delicious. They are easy on the calories to boot. You can insert your own custom message.

5. Custom M&Ms

For years, M&Ms have offered people the chance to create a custom version of the candy.

6. Chocolate cigars

Not the kind with tobacco, I am talking about the pure milk chocolate kind. Godiva offers some and so do many other manufacturers. Safer for your lungs, but watch your waistline.

7. Chocolate covered bacon

Bacon? Yes, this really does exist. I tried it for the first time at the Orange County fair.

8. Chocolate flavored wine

Chocolate and wine are a fine pairing. Someone finally got the smart idea to make them into one. Wine and dine your clients with a nice bottle from Chocovine.

9. Chocolate beer

Of course, you can also find a nice brew with the taste of chocolate if that suits you better than wine.

10. Chocolate for pets

Now, don’t misunderstand, all these treats are made from chocolate-like alternatives for pets. If you know that a customer is an animal lover they might like receiving a few of these this year.

11. Han Solo in chocolate

Perfect for your Geekier customers is this recreation of a frozen Han Solo in carbonate. A replica of the prop used for the original Star Wars trilogy.

12. Vegan chocolates

There are plenty of chocolate treats out there for your vegan clients. Don’t leave these folks behind. Similarly, you can find and purchase treats that are gluten free.

What other uses for chocolate have you seen?

Featured image courtesy of jessleecuizon licensed via Creative Commons.

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If everything is made of chocolate, life would be sweeter. I already ate some of those flower chocolate you mentioned above but I was still 7 yrs old then. I seldom see those chocolate today. Anyway, glad I read this. Sweet post Susan. :)