12 Most Invigorating Aspects of Google+

12 Most Invigorating Aspects of Google+

This article is about turning an eye to Google+. This young social network has matured a lot in just over a year of existence. It got a huge push from its integration with search, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

That is because the structure underlying search is beginning to rely on one source… Google+! If you care about traffic then you must put G+ on the front line for your promotional activities. The twelve tips below will give you a jump start.

1. Ripples

Look at the ripples when you see an update. It is easy to find connectors this way who make a huge impact on their circles when they share. You want to get to know these people.

2. The Plus One

Did you know that you can see the Plus One activity on your content in Google Webmaster Tools? The best aspect of this tool is that it will show you if the “recommendations” in social search are bringing traffic to your website.

3. Search

The G+ social search tool is a great way to find meaningful tags to use when you share. Just like on Twitter, this tool allows us to connect with interested readers outside of our circles.

4. Share to other social networks

I love the chrome extension “Extended Share.” It allows me to share to any other social network from inside Google+.

Write a public update on Google+ with a link to your post giving it meaningful context and include a few of your friends in the discussion. Then share a link to that post on Twitter inviting your network there to chime in. If you share something that sparks debate you will get a slew of Plus Ones on your post — this can have all sorts of affects like showing up in Google News.

5. ThinkUp

Right now, my analytic tools are those that are either cheap or free. I use ThinkUp to keep tabs on my Twitter and Google+ posts. It is free but you have to install it on a server.

6. Google Analytics

Of course, we still have good old Google Analytics. Google+ is included in the tool set for social networks. You can follow my advice from the first post in this series to generate reports.

7. Visual masterpieces

Google+ is eye porn… maybe not on the level of Pinterest, but still… Google wanted a network designed around featuring rich media. This is witnessed powerfully when you share images, post videos, or host a chat. If you are already using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, then you should already be familiar with how to choose the best images for Google+ to go with your posts.

8. Pinterest

Yes, you can also share your Google+ posts to Pinterest — just another way to stay connected and extend the life of the images and videos you create.

9. SEO

We are only starting to learn the effects that Google+ has on SEO. We know that posts will show up on Google News and in search. Author Rank and rich snippets are also generated by connecting Google+ to your website.

10. Circles

A Circle allows you to refine whom you share content with, which is awesome. You don’t have to choke your public feed with everything under the sun. I really like knowing that not everyone in my network is exposed to every update. I can share more and promote more without ruining the experience for others. However, you do have to nurture these segments or it is a pointless effort.

11. Communities

Yes they are finally here and I do not understand them well, but some think this will be the factor that converts people to Google+. In fact, I am going to turn this item over to you. How do you think Communities will play into content strategy? I think it depends on the leader for the group and the value they bring to the members.

12. Best environment for ideas

My personal bias when it comes to Google+ is the speed at which ideas spread. The long form with the mix of media and chat makes it a great platform for sharing ideas. If you want to spark a conversation that crosses the borders of all your networks, then G+ is your best shot for doing it.

How have your experiences been with Google+? Are you not convinced of its usefulness?

Featured image courtesy of notsogoodphotography licensed via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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Jayden Chu
Jayden Chu

What I like about G+ is its simplicity. There is less spam and is beneficial for SEO too.

Susan Cooper
Susan Cooper

Google plus is amazing I am still learning about.  Your article has helped me improve that knowledge.  Thank you. :-)