12 Most You Go Girl Aspects About Princess Leia

12 Most You Go Girl Aspects About Princess Leia

The plate-sized buns on each side of her head don’t really play up her beauty. And that white, um… gown? Well, these days the folks on What Not to Wear would have a grand time getting her into something more flattering.

Yet, Princess Leia rocks. She was adored by girls in the late 1970’s. (I know that, personally…) And her character presents — even today — aspects that can inspire girls everywhere.

Here are the top dozen, accompanied by short descriptions or quotes from her.

1. She is fiesty

This is one of my favorite examples, when she bickers with Han Solo:

Han Solo: “No time to discuss this as a committee.”

Princess Leia: “I am not a committee!”

2. She is determined

Leia withstood torture, when captured by Rebels and imprisoned on the Death Star, and still didn’t reveal crucial details the Imperials demanded.

3. She is a diplomat

She went on many diplomatic missions and also convinced groups, like the Eewoks, to help the Rebels.

4. She fights for what’s right

Because of her brave persistence, the Death Star was destroyed.

5. She’s ambitious

Princess Leia became the youngest member of the Imperial Senate.

6. She’s not afraid to seek, and use, power

Even as Luke, Chewbacca and Han Solo are rescuing her when she was imprisoned on the Death Star, she snaps at Han: “I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but from now on you’ll do as I tell you. Okay?”

7. She’s fearless

When she, Luke and Han Solo have no way out as they try to escape, she shoots a way into a garbage chute, and says: “Well somebody has to save our skins.”

8. She’s funny and delivers some fabulous one-liners

Like this one, to Han Solo: “This bucket of bolts is never gonna get us past that blockade.”

9. She’s a leader

Princess Leia was a leader in the Alliance to restore the Republic and in other command roles, as well.

10. She’s direct

As in this exchange:

C-3PO: “But Sir. The odds of successfully surviving an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer are approximately…”

Leia: “Shut up.”

11. She loves

And, eventually, declares her feelings to Han Solo.

12. She’s a girl who shows many sides

She wears gowns and robes and has the overdone ’do of a princess, but she taps into her strong, decisive side whenever she needs to. You go, Leia!

Star Wars is male dominated and has many shortcomings in terms of how women, generally, are portrayed. Still, Princess Leia’s spunk and skill have stood the test of time — arguably better than her costumes and hairstyles have, since her character debuted on screen in 1977.

Those are my thoughts, anyway. What do you think?

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Featured image courtesy of JD Hancock licensed via Creative Commons.

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I love this. She is an inspiration, and the graphic you have of the Princess among Princesses makes me smile. Your post has me thinking about how growing up with Wonder Woman, the Bionic Woman, and Princess Lea as strong woman leaders, for example, inspired me without me realizing it. Thanks for the great post!