12 Most Likeable Ways to Live Longer

12 Most Likeable Ways to Live Longer

I love life! I am adventurous and always on the go. Because of this, I often wish for more hours in a day, or an extra day in the week. Of course, this wish is never granted, so instead I aim for longevity.

If you think life is great and want to make the most out of it too, here’s a very likeable list on longevity.

1. Humor me!

Yes. Please. My most likeable way toward longevity is to enjoy a good laugh — people with a good sense of humor increase their life longevity by 31%.


Sleeping has a restorative process. Sleep deprivation increases risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and weakens the immune system.

3. Have more sex

Sex is linked to lower blood pressure and healthier immune systems. It will also strengthen your relationship with your partner which also improves the immune system.

4. Eat chocolate and drink red wine

This may sound like Valentine’s Day, but chocolate was first credited to longevity around 1660. Both have healthy benefits. Dark chocolate has antioxidants, stimulates the nervous system, and energizes digestion and a sluggish kidney or bowels. Red wine (in moderation) lowers one’s risk of coronary heart disease. It is also high in flavonoids and antioxidants.

5. Walk and talk with a friend

You get the benefits of physical activity combined with social contact, which improves immunity, improves your mental state and reduces stress.

6. Volunteer in your spare time

There is a strong connection between volunteering and happiness, health and longevity. My favorites are Assistance League and Childhelp.

7. Relax, renew and rejuvenate

8. Play a game

This can be a combination of #1 (laugh) and #5 (social contact) — and you get bonus points if it includes physical activity.

9. Pet your pets

I have seven fur-kids, so maybe I should have listed this item a little higher up… but they can’t read. Pet ownership has been known to reduce blood pressure and stress, in addition to increasing longevity.

10. Brush and floss your teeth

This good habit prevents gingivitis which ages arteries and immune system. Additionally, not brushing at night or never flossing, increases your death risk by 30%. Not seeing a dentist increased death risk by 30-50% (compared to 1-2x a year).

11. Aim for your optimal weight

One’s ideal weight range has been associated with longevity in a number of ways. Pssst… If you own a dog and it wants to go for a walk, be sure to take him/her on that walk with your buddy!

12. Eat fresh fruits and veggies

Yes, this is essential. We cannot live on chocolate and red wine alone. Just remember — the more colorful your diet, the healthier the diet. Vibrant fruits and veggies are loaded with antioxidants.

What’s your favorite? When you decide, you can thank me with #4.

Featured image courtesy of baronsquirrel licensed via Creative Commons.

Margie Arnett


Margie Arnett, M.S., is an assistant professor, author, keynote speaker, project manager, social media specialist and triathlete. Margie delights in exceeding expectations. She is owned by 7 furkids: 2 horses, 4 dogs and 1 parrot. Want to know more? Margie blogs at www.GiddyupGenie.com/blog

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I like your list, keep going 


Great list, but you missed love (not the same as sex).


Thank you Anne! I enjoyed creating this list.


You speak my heart. Great post. I especially am a fan of board games!