12 Most Simple Foods That Make You Look Good

12 Most Simple Foods That Make You Look Good

Food can change your looks from the inside out. We are what we eat, and the nutrients that go into our bodies have a direct effect on the way our exterior looks. Certain foods have a directly positive impact on our looks, and surprisingly, they are some of the most simple foods that exist.

This list highlights some of our favorite foods that can make your skin glow and your body thank you.

Graphic by Josh Haynam.

Featured image courtesy of Suus Wansink licensed via Creative Commons.

Josh Haynam


Josh is a health and wellness advocate and co-founder of fitkit. His mission is to create transparency around health by creating a library of visual explanations to complex issues.

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Lemon juice, Banana juice, and most importantly, water is good for health. I take about 10 glasses of water per day and It keeps me healthy. Thank you for the link. Gave me other information



Nice list,  Josh. Indeed, you are what you eat.

I might also add one of my favorite, antioxidant containing foods. Coffee! Rich in flavenoids, it has been found to inhibit inflammation. Drink up!


Yvonne Root
Yvonne Root


You've given me a perfect excuse for adding more strawberries to my diet. I love them. 

I seldom think of #13 amongst these posts. Yet I was surprised this one did not make it into the list of 12 -- daikon is an excellent fat burner. It is from the radish family, looks like a white, overgrown carrot and often has just a bit of a sweet flavor.