12 Most Magnetic Ways to Curate Awesome Content

12 Most Magnetic Ways to Curate Awesome Content

A community manager needs to stay organized. It is the only way to stay on top of our PR, marketing, and outreach responsibilities. One of the most difficult aspects is finding the great content to share when there isn’t a marketing message going through the pipes. That, for me, is the real interesting bit that I do daily.

Of course, there is a limited amount of time in the day. Telling your boss that you surfed YouTube for three hours looking for viral videos is not likely to get you a pay raise. No, you have to be observant and find more ways to bring that great content to you. Stop looking for it and spend more time optimizing the opportunities that are right in front of you.

1. Facebook wall

One of the annoyances of Facebook is that my fans can post to my wall but they appear in this little callout where no one can read those posts. If a fan has created something share-worthy, why not feature it on the main page. That is why status updates come with a share link!

2. Twitter lists

I love Twitter lists for research because it is easy to mine the stream for relevant links in the industry. I keep lists for the advertisers in the magazine, our contributors, and readers that I know well. This way sharing their content is only a RT away from my fingertips.

3. Evernote

You may never know when you are going to come across something worth sharing — Evernote is a great tool for saving those special finds. Keep a growing list and you will have a great resource to dig into when you need something extra special.

4. RSS feeds

Of course, keeping up with industry blogs is important. Personally I use the RSS feed option in HootSuite Pro as my personal reader. I like keeping all my different social media streams as a dashboard that I can turn to when I need something.

5. Listen

Keep an eye out for mentions of your brand name. Not everything is fantastic, but every once in a while you will get a mention that is worth sharing. Give credit back to the people who are doing a good job of spreading the word about you. Reward them for their time.

6. Little Bird

Little Bird is one of my favorite new apps. It allows you to see what the top influencers in your niche are sharing. You might find a few interesting things that escaped your attention.

7. Ask

Sometimes getting content is just a simple ask away. Pick something that is a cornerstone for your community and ask people to share their stories or photos.

8. Be personable

Most likely, you are working with a team of co-workers. It sounds strange, but showing off the personalities of those behind the scenes is always a welcome change of pace. Show people what it is like to work behind the scenes.

9. Email the experts

Feature the experts in your community. I recently asked a few authors to share some random tidbits of information around the gaming hobby. This is some great content that can spread easily over social media and promotes the knowledge and expertise of our contributors.

10. Respond

While this is obvious, not many people take advantage of responding to messages sent by followers and fans. These are opportunities to interact. The messages you send customers in your replies are just as important as the updates you broadcast. Believe it or not, people will read every single one of those posts. Treat them with the same care as the rest of the content you curate.

11. TrendSpottr

TrendSpottr is an app for HootSuite that will search your keywords for trending stories. You might have missed this one, but it is easy to find in the app directory.

12. Mention

I use mention as an alternative to Google Alerts. I find it works much better for crawling the web because it also picks up things written in forums. You can use your brand name as a keyword, but don’t be so limited — put in the keywords that matter the most to your customers and see what pops up.

I call these tools magnetic because they give me an advantage in my daily work. I try to find the assets that the brand already has without having to go far to look for inspiration. I try to keep an eye out as I go through my routine and this helps me reduce the amount of time I need to curate and/or create new content. I can often schedule things in the moment which allows me to keep the real-time feel to my updates even when they need to be automated.

I hope this list will help you curate your own awesome content! If I left out one of your favorite tools, please let me know in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of Phil Roeder licensed via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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I have been finding Iceber.gs to be a great way of saving ideas and curating content for later use. Have you heard of it?


Terrific list, Susan! I'm glad to know about mention; I have Google alerts set up but I like the idea that mention has a broader search. As for Facebook, you are so right - it's a bit frustrating that about 3 people will see a post a fan publishes on the timeline. I simply repost it and credit the person who made the original share. 

One tool I have been appreciating is a Wordpress plugin called RSS Just Better. I have it running on the footer of my website, and it provides a running updated feed of posts pulled based on keywords and other criteria. Makes it easy to share relevant content with very little work on my part!

Thanks for the useful resources! 


@dbvickery I like it a lot.  I get a pop up box when something new comes up. A great way of tracking down stuff. 

I really wish there was a way through for a more accurate tool for real-time updates, or at least affordable. I still find with both Google Alerts and Mention that it can only go as fast as content can be indexed. So, I still have to be constantly listening on social media to pick up reviews and things on the smaller blogs that are not crawled as often. 

Also alerts are probably not as good as knowing the eco-system around your brand. You have to know your power players and who to go to when stuff happens. 


@BethBuelow Mention is a solid product, but it is one that comes with a price. Not sure if I talked about that. There is a free trial period and that is what sold me on the product. 

Yes! I never know if people see those posts and it makes me sad because some very good discussion goes on there. I wrote about an experience where a person asked one simple question. I re-posted it to the Facebook page and the update went viral. The update received over 200 comments. 

I had not heard of that plugin. I am pretty hesitant today to use any sort of automatic tool. I have seen in the recent weeks just how much trouble it can get you into. I've been changing a lot of my methods of how I do research, that is what inspired this post. I am trying to find some work hacks that speed up the daily routine tasks so that I have more time to interact in real-time.