12 Most Annoying Ways to Tick People Off on Social Media

12 Most Annoying Ways to Tick People Off on Social Media

Are you one of those people on social media who lives to “mix it up?” Then this article is for you.

There are numerous ways to irritate and annoy others in real life, of course. But I’m talking about the online world — blogging started as the original place to speak your mind and now social media has become the top “flame war” playground for many.

Here are 12 ways for you to tick people off.

1. Don’t read the referenced article

It’s important that you not read what it is you’re commenting on. The best way to look completely ignorant is to make comments on something you know nothing about.

2. Talk only about yourself

The best way to not make friends on social media is to be sure not to interact. Don’t be friendly or generous with your RTs either while you’re at it.

3. Insult someone

The best way is to attack someone personally whom you don’t know. It’s also helpful to make judgmental statements about someone’s character or appearance.

4. Ignore comments

Whether it’s on social media or your blog, whatever you do, do NOT reply to comments. It’s clearly a waste of time and beneath you.

5. Spam

The best way to be reported or even blocked is to repeatedly spam your links to your own stuff. AutoDMs asking people to buy and like your stuff, especially if you send them repeatedly, is particularly effective.

6. Disagree

Even if you like someone (which is doubtful… as if), be sure to disagree with someone’s point just to make sure you have the last word.

7. Name-call

You don’t care if someone’s feelings are hurt when you call them names. It’s your free speech right. Right?

8. Bully

Despite protests from do-gooders, you love to make fun of people and cut them down to size. Just because they are upset doesn’t mean you need to worry about that. Wimps.

9. Send unsolicited and inappropriate photos

By all means, send people pictures of yourself in compromising positions, particularly if you’ve just met them and know nothing about them.

10. Scold

Be sure you tell someone how they should be conducting their lives. It’s clearly your job since they’ve outgrown their parents at this point.

11. Stalk

It’s important you comment on every post on each social media channel so the person you’re targeting knows you are watching. How else can you freak them out?

12.  And finally… talk about religion and politics

There’s no better way to rile people up than by disagreeing with their life values and telling them what they should believe.

I hope you’ve found this list helpful and I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments. Any questions or comments? Please share below so I can ignore them.

Featured image courtesy of the Italian voice licensed via Creative Commons.

Rachel Thompson


Rachel Thompson aka @RachelintheOC is a published author and social media consultant. Her new award-winning book, Broken Pieces, is about relationships and vastly different in tone from her previous two books A Walk In The Snark and The Mancode: Exposed, both #1 Kindle bestsellers. When not writing, she helps authors and other professionals with branding and social media for her company, BadRedhead Media. She loves coffee and Nutella, hates walks in the rain, running out of coffee, and coconut.

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