12 Most Lasting Lessons I Learned from Other 12 Most Writers

12 Most Lasting Lessons I Learned from Other 12 Most Writers

I believe we all have knowledge that comes from our unique experiences that we should share with others, even if it is just to see things from another point of view. This post captures the 12 most important lessons I learned from reading 12 Most.

1. Building your leadership vocabulary with Brian Vickery

Brian Vickery completed the arduous feat of sharing the qualities of great leaders from A-Z. I must say that I learned a few new words! I suggest starting at the beginning of the alphabet.

2. Introvert survival tactics with Kelly Belmonte

I have a hard time at large gatherings. I need my own space to unwind and being surrounded by a crowd makes me anxious. Kelly offered some great tactics that will help you enjoy your group experiences if you sometimes feel the same way that I do.

3. Strategies for using List.ly from Doug Rice

Have you used List.ly? I have played around with this one a bit, but Doug really wowed me with his post. Read his brilliant post 12 Most Powerful Ways to Use List.ly for Getting Customer Feedback.

4. Understanding legal guidelines with Sara Hawkins

One of the most popular posts on 12 Most is also one of the most useful. Sara Hawkins clarifies the legal concerns of using images online.

5. Learning Google+ with Peg Fitzpatrick

There is no better mentor currently using Google+, well at least in my opinion. This post is a great introduction to the platform if you are still learning the ropes.

6. Encouragement for writing 321 posts in 321 days from Nischala Murthy Kaushik

One of the first posts that I encountered on 12 Most was written by Nischala Kaushik. She offered wisdom in the form of “12 Most Mesmerizing Mantras on How to Publish 321 Blogs in 321 Days.” I am still inspired re-reading this in 2013!

7. The importance of leaving blog comments from Bruce Sallan

Bruce Sallan sold me on the importance of commenting with his post “12 Most Self-Serving Reasons to Post Blog Comments.” I am not surprised that there are over 76 comments!

8. Hilarious misspellings of homophones by Kim Philips

I have this problem in my writing. Sadly, it is unlikely that a spell check is going to know when you have used the wrong word. Kim collected 12 of the most common errors and was able to add her own sense of humor too!

9. Teaching children math from Bon Crowder

I discovered this year that I am a numberphile. Math is one of my favorite subjects, but I know this is because I had my parent’s encouragement. Bon gives parents tips on how they can do the same for their children.

10. Life lessons from Princess Leia by Becky Gaylord

I had a lot of fun discussing this with Becky when she decided to tackle the topic. My favorite quote from Star Wars is from Leia when she is arguing with Han. I love the “I am not a committee” line from Empire Strikes Back.

11. Learning from your children with Susie Newday

Perhaps you stay at home with your kids and this too can be a fertile ground for learning. I really enjoyed this post about Phineas and Ferb. If you are stuck watching than you might as well glean all you can!

12. Blog set up basics with Mila Araujo

There are a lot of little things that are easy to miss when setting up your blog. When you have free time, read this informative post from Mila. It should get you up to speed.

12 Most features so much knowledge that it is intimidating at times to go through the archives. I hope this post will serve as an introduction to just a few of our prolific writers.

What posts have you enjoyed here on 12 Most? Do you have a favorite writer?

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Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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PaulBiedermann moderator

Thanks so much, @susansilver, for another great contribution to 12 Most and highlighting our wonderful writers along with some of their equally wonderful posts! 

As I’ve said many times, I feel privileged to not only know you all, but to also get a sneak preview at all the smartitude and insights as I go through the editing process every week — you won’t believe what I saw this morning! :-)


Susan, I am so very honoured to be included in this list of awesome posts by some wonderful 12Most authors. Thank you so much! I am glad that post resonated with you. Thank *you* for all of your wonderful contributions in this community as well. One of the most incredible things about 12Most is the diversity and wealth of knowledge that is shared, and the collaborations and development that come from this rich writing group!

PegFitzpatrick moderator

What a great idea for an article and thanks for including me. I need to write some more G+ 12 Mosts, we haven't had too many.


Cool post, Susan! I don't know that I've read enough 12Most posts to designate a favorite; they're all so interesting in their own ways! I do know I love the concept and I love the community!


Susan, what a great idea for a post! Since I'm relatively new to the 12Most community, you've given me (and anyone else who's a newbie) a wonderfully diverse post palette to explore. I'm especially intrigued by #6 and #8. Thanks!


Thanks so much, Susan, for including me on this list! Great and diverse collection of 12 Most contributors -- especially for readers who might not have read these posts the first time around.