12 Most Meaningful Ways to Communicate Today

12 Most Meaningful Ways to Communicate Today

Do you ever feel like your communications get lost in translation? And you’re not starring in the movie alongside Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson? Yeah. Digital communications can do that to you.

Even though we’re now more connected than ever, the need to be “always on” can dilute your impact. The varying schools of thought can make you unsure which waters to swim. But don’t fret. Get inspired.

Here are the 12 most meaningful ways to communicate today:

1. Go one-on-one

If you have something meaningful to say to someone in particular, it’s best to go one-on-one. Even though you’d like to create content that entertains, communicating to only entertain can lessen the importance of what you’re trying to say — especially if it’s directed towards one person. Send a private email or a direct message on Twitter. If you have each other’s phone numbers, send a text message or… gasp!… talk on the phone! Taking conversations to a more intimate platform often gives content more depth.

2. Send Karma

Want to send a gift but don’t have the person’s address? There’s an app for that. And you guessed it. It’s called Karma.

I’m a big believer in karma, and not because it’s the name of my puppy. Karma works by sending the best kind of gifts… the real thing! No virtual gifting here. If sending a mere “happy birthday” to your best friend on Facebook feels… a little less than meaningful… why not go the extra step? The Karma app connects to your Facebook so that you never miss a milestone. And it’s not only for birthdays — you can send a gift to cheer up a friend, to say “thank you,” or to simply say hi in a more meaningful way.

3. Skype or Hangout

Simply seeing someone on video can add a layer of context in itself. It allows you to see beyond the virtual walls. If a topic or website comes up in conversation, Skype allows you to paste a link within a message to the person on the other end. The ability to do this adds immediate context to a conversation.

4. Share a meal

Sharing a special moment over a meal is important. But if your special someone is away a lot and you can’t eat together, why not share a meal over the interwebs? You can email the recipe in advance, prepare it at the same time, and then Skype or Hangout while you eat. You’ll be enjoying the same dish, even if you’re miles apart.

5. Why don’t you Vine about it?

Vine is one of the most fun, personal ways to share a little insight into who you are and what you’re about. If you’re not a writer, or just don’t have much to say, let the Vine video app do the talking. The app only lets you record 6-seconds of video, but a lot can get conveyed during this time.

6. Words with friends

While you don’t exactly communicate directly through the game, it’s a good way to spend time with someone who may not live close. It shows how friends think and can build camaraderie through the basics of a conversation: words!

7. Start an audio podcast series

I’m a big fan of audio, especially when it’s in a question and answer format. If you’re the host, you can learn a lot about your guest in a meaningful way (as long as you ask good questions!) If you’re the guest, you can showcase your business or brand in a way that easily resonates. Your voice can literally be heard.

8. Go to a networking event

Make an effort to attend an industry event. There’s nothing better than talking face-to-face — even if the person you envisioned on the other end is only a mere five feet tall when you’ve always pictured him as a six-foot giant. Just find a good way to hide your surprise.

9. Handwrite a letter or poem

When you handwrite a note, you show your personal style and reveal a part of your personality. It says a lot about you. As long as your handwriting is legible, get out the paper and pen and write from your heart.

10. Write a long email

Instead of writing short, two-line sentences, go deep and talk about your life. Open up. Don’t be shy. It means a lot when people take the time to talk to you, not in a short-form version.

11. Blog about it

The waters can get a bit murky if you’re only communicating in 140 characters or less, or if you’re one of those people who posts vague Facebook updates. Yeah, you know who you are. It’s not a good way to communicate. It leaves people wondering — and not in a good way. Strive to be clear in every communication. A blog is the best way to let people know what’s going on in your brain — if you’re blogging professionally, you’ll need a strategy. But if you just want a place to put your personal thoughts? Well, break the rules! Just don’t post inappropriate things.

12. Grab coffee!

Sometimes the best way to communicate is in-person, over a cup o’ joe.

Simple enough, eh?

Don’t let the daily doldrums of digital life dictate your dreams. Whether you’re communicating in the digital world or in real life, being meaningful is always a good look.

Do you have a special way that you communicate that adds meaning to your day-to-day? Please comment below.

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Sharing a meal and a coffee is the best way one can get in touch. Specially if one is sharing meal with a stranger. 

Thank you  Ms. Jessica for posting this.