12 Most Willful Social Media Strategy Tips for the Underdog

12 Most Willful Social Media Strategy Tips for the Underdog

The rock band Spoon immortalized the strength of the underdog in their song of the same name. One of the lyrics that stands out is this: “You have no fear of the underdog, that is why you will not survive.”

I love the internet because of the ability to amplify the voice of the little guy. There are ways to thrive online at any size if you think like a strategist and take stock of your inner strengths.

1. Vision

The first seed of victory has to be planted by you. First you have to believe that you can succeed. Only then can you set into motion work towards your goal. Things evolve over time, but start where you are by seeing in your mind’s eye what you want to happen and have faith.

2. Passion

You cannot have an online presence without passion. Look at a community like Reddit where people are highly engaged in their sub-niches. These folks have an expertise on very specific topics and a willingness to share that knowledge just for the sake of teaching others. That is internet culture and you need to harness your own passions and channel that in everything you do.

3. Hard work

If you choose to go the route of the internet for your promotional activities, you might find yourself working pretty hard. You are competing with millions of other voices. Learn to collaborate as frequently as possible. The more voices you have out there, the easier it becomes to push your messages. Don’t be afraid of the insurmountable odds. Remember — you are planting seeds and only one has to become a mighty oak.

4. Choose one social network

Everyone says that you have to be everywhere. If you are an underdog, you don’t have that much time! Start with one social platform until you have some growth. It will come in time, but focus your efforts on the network where you feel most comfortable and where things spread the easiest. Consider moving on to the next network as a graduation. Take your time, but make yourself available somewhere.

5. Research

Always be reading, searching, and growing. Here are a few of my strategies for finding great content. Things change so quickly here, but you can stay on top of things by looking at trends. Pay attention to the things people think are important.

6. Community

In the beginning, you must respond to every comment and “mention” you get. This will go miles for your customers and you will begin to build a fan base.

7. Blog

Well, this should not come as a surprise. Having a blog is important because it allows you to start conversations. Yes, even if you are not getting blockbuster traffic, there are ways you can still build on commentary from around the world. This will show people that you have something of value to offer. You may even get a few leads if people really like what you have to say.

8. Talk to people

Ask for advice. Have a heart and show it to people. Write an email to someone and see what they say. Ask for help.

9. Like follows like

In the beginning, make sure you are liking, following, and sharing from websites similar to you. This builds a consistent brand. Don’t ask me how this all works, but if your messages do not connect with what you are selling, you will never get the right attention.

10. Clarity

Obsess over everything you do online. Be meticulous and cover your bases. An ounce of thoughtfulness is a pound of prevention. You won’t know how much trouble you have saved yourself until a crisis occurs.

11. Be grateful

This is the village of the internet — be grateful for the attention you get. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 followers or 15,000. If you forget where you started then prepare to be humbled. Don’t ignore the people who got you to where you are now.

12. Be yourself

There is a hullabaloo all the time about authenticity. This last commandment is just to remind you that you are central to what happens online. Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions will speak loudly in a space where there are no formal rules for communication. Sure, you will find etiquette, but ultimately your faith in yourself and abilities will determine what happens next.

These are not your typical social media strategy tips. We often focus on the practical, but we need to balance that with developing a mindset for success. Take time to do your cognitive work so that you can accomplish more with every step of your marketing plan.

Featured image courtesy of JD Hancock licensed via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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Susan there is a LOT of truth in this


Susan there is a LOT of truth in this!!! I don't always achieve this but I always TRY to comment especially w/bloggers I follow often. I feel like it's a conversation, and I know how much I love comments on my blog!! Nice job!!