12 Most Powerful Aspects of Small Bloggers

12 Most Powerful Aspects of Small Bloggers

A.A Milne once wrote “It is hard to be brave… when you’re only a very small animal.” Piglet spoke these words in the “House at Pooh Corner.” He might have been afraid, but you don’t have to be. You see, there is a power in smallness that we often overlook.

In fact, Benjamin Hoff explains this powerfully in his book of wisdom, The Te of Piglet. I have recently re-read this short book and have these words to offer new bloggers:

1. You see things others miss

When you are very big, you miss the cracks. Fortunately for a new blogger, this means you can take advantage of the gaps to find a new and unique niche.

2. You see the forest for the trees and not the treetops

There is something nice about staring at the canopy from the ground. Enjoy the view — you don’t need to soar overhead just yet.

3. Silence speaks

You might want to rush in at full blast with content. In an over-saturated market, you might do best to focus on quality and voice first. The gaps between posts will keep readers hungry for more.

4. You don’t trip yourself up

Since you are not established yet, there is more time to change without incurring anger. Once you hit the heights it can become difficult to pivot your content if you don’t have the same passion!

5. You are your own best friend

It is lonely when you start. I am not going to lie to you, but you will get the chance to make friends with yourself. Be gentle and kind.

6. You work on your dreams

There is a freedom that writing content gives you to express yourself. Even for business blogs, this is an opportunity to use your own creativity to move your business forward. Put your dreams at the forefront.

7. You can experiment without fear of failure

Since you haven’t had your first success, then you haven’t had your first failure either. See yourself at the start of a long journey with no good or bad consequences. Just a road that goes on into the distance.

8. The only way is up

Again, there is little to worry about in the beginning. It won’t ease your anxiety, but when you panic, remember that there is plenty of time for growth.

9. A small and committed group

Small bloggers band together! It is always a wonderful sight to see a community of people just learning the ropes. Don’t feel afraid or embarrassed; learn from others who are starting on the same journey.

10. Easy to connect

When you are small, you won’t get very many emails or comments. This means that it is actually easier to connect with others. You will be able to make time to thoughtfully answer any communications that come your way.

11. Shared experience

The most recent statistic I could find states that 100,000 new WordPress Blogs are created every day. You are far from being alone in this.

12. Experience to remember

This is just another experience, so enjoy it! Make the most of what comes your way and try to find a little joy in everything you do. This will keep you coming back even on the toughest days.

No matter where you are, be aware of your surroundings and how you fit into the larger picture. While you might want to rush, there might just be some advantages to being where you are — chances and opportunities you may not be able to act on later on.

If you are a new blogger, what challenges do you face? If you are an experienced blogger, what benefits do you see for those just starting out?

Featured image courtesy of Cornforth Images licensed via Creative Commons.

Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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