12 Most Helpful Google+ Pro Tips

12 Most Helpful Google+ Pro Tips

Google+ communities continue to be a source of information and bonding. As Paul Biedermann shared in 12 Most Valuable Things That Will Rock Your Google+ Community, “it all begins with good content — and good content spawns more good content. So it follows that if you desire to build a community with rich content, make sure you start by posting good content focusing on quality, not quantity. A strong, well-run community will post more good content than a poorly run one.”

I’m part of a community founded by Google+ superstar Jesse Wojdylo called Google+ Pro Tips. The community focus is “One of the biggest restraints to new users on Google+ is that they struggle with all of the new features. This community will host conversations about getting the most out of your Google+ account.”

I thought it would be helpful to share these Google+ Pro Tips and by all means, please circle the pros that gave the tips. Click on each title to link to the Google+ post.

1. Understand Block and Mute by Mark Traphagen

“Google+ gives you two powerful tools to use when you find a person or page to be annoying or even offensive or abusive. Each tool has a different effect and has some nuances that are important to understand.”

2. Optimize your Google+ Profile by Stephan Hovnanian

“Weave a common thread in your profile. If you’re here on Google+ for the purposes of marketing yourself or your business, it’s important to build authority around topics you want to rank highly for in search.”

3. Where Community Posts “Live” by Mark Traphagen

“The most amazing and least known fact about posts you post to a Community is that they are your posts. That is, they actually “live” on your profile, and are sort of “on loan” to the Community.”

4. Control your Notification Settings by Lauren Sutton

“It is possible to control whether or not you receive notifications to your email, phone, or only on Google+. It is a very useful tool and luckily, the settings are extremely customizable.”

5. Skyrocket your Engagement by Dustin Stout

Try sharing a circle of those people who engage with you the most. Thank them by sharing them with others and in turn, ask them to mention their top three engagers in the comments of your post.

6. Getting the Shares you Deserve by Mark Traphagen

“What many don’t realize when they hit share or +1, is that what is shared or shows up as a recommended post is the original post that was reshared, not the new post that you’re sharing or plussing.

7. Mute Supersedes a +Mention by Sean Murray 

“Google+ gives you the option to Mute the post by selecting exactly that from the top right drop-down of the post. This will bring relief, but what it won’t bring is a heads up that people are talking about you in the conversation.”

8. How to Pin from Google+ by Peg Fitzpatrick

“I pin things from Google+ by clicking on the date of the post so that post URL is the link, then I use the Pinterest Chrome Extension to pin the Google+ post. Make sure the text you want is in the box and pin it.”

9. Be Nice by Peg Fitzpatrick

“Remember that your social media reputation is built one comment at a time and once you put it out there, it’s out. Think twice before posting your snarky comeback or seemingly witty double entendre. Keep it classy, Google+.”

10. Use a Professional Headshot by Sean Murray

11. Social Signals, Your Website, and Google+ by Dustin Stout

“These findings can help you grasp how Google+ is the best social network to share links to your website or blog, and a little trick that will increase the social signals that your website or blog receives.”

12. Photos Stored on Drive Can Be Found on Google+ by Michael Bennett

“Google Drive photos can now be found inside G+ and those specific photos get all the G+ goodness of autoawesome, pano stitching and auto enhance.”

What Google+ pro tips do you have to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Featured image courtesy of west.m licensed via Creative Commons.

Peg Fitzpatrick


Peg Fitzpatrick is co-Editor-in-Chief of 12 Most . She's co-author of the best-selling book, The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users co-authored with Guy Kawasaki. Peg works with global brands and leaders in the social media sphere every day. She's spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Google, and Virgin as well as having been a brand ambassador for Kimpton Hotels. All about being positive and connecting, she is a true social butterfly. Tweet her and say hi at @pegfitzpatrick, find her Stumbling on StumbleUpon, rocking Google+ here Google or happily pinning on Pinterest.

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Thank you Peg, for putting so many helpful tips in one spot! I'd read a couple of these, but most are new to me! I'm really trying to get a handle on G+, but it can be intimidating at times! :)


It's sounds a good Work, Peg!

I'm following you on Social Media.


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