12 Most Powerful Ways to Use Hashtags on Facebook

12 Most Powerful Ways to Use Hashtags on Facebook

Let’s give credit where credit is due. Twitter is the king of the #Hashtag. We must also give credit to platforms like Google+, Pinterest and Instagram for implementing the trending symbol in their media rather quickly.

Of course, now that Facebook has begun to utilize hashtags, we can expect it to be a part of everyday life for the foreseeable future. This, of course, will lead to new ways to connect, market, and engage.

Here is our list of the “12 Most Powerful Ways to Use Hashtags on Facebook”:

1. Find people

Use the Facebook hashtag search to find people who may have a tendency to use your products. If people who buy luxury cars buy diamonds, hashtags can help you make associations to connect to people of both groups. They can also tell you what else they are discussing and are interested in.

2. Fit your genre

The Facebook hashtag search can help you find hashtags that others are using that may align with your product or service. If they fit your genre, use them yourself.

3. Facebook hashtags are links

They can work with Twitter and vice versa. This is a gigantic opportunity to engage your various social media users with the various platforms you use. Use these links to move readers back and forth.

4. Use search

You should use the Facebook hashtag search to locate pages that may be similar to your page. You can then “model” your page to more successful ones and avoid the mistakes of the ones that have less success.

5. Brand your brand

When you use brand hashtags on Facebook for your business page, be sure to choose some specific posts and share them on your personal profile. You can then ask friends to click on them and to use them as well. This can help you build your brand awareness.

6. Monitor topics

When following hashtags, look for those on which you may be able to offer advice. Following #losingweight, for example, may offer opportunities for spas, gyms, personal trainers, health food stores, organic grocers and more.

7. Stand out

Every Facebook hashtag has its very own URL. This makes it possible for you to send people to it from your other social media sites, whether they use hashtags or not.

8. Make them easy to read

You should make sure that you capitalize the first letter of every word in your hashtags. #MakingHashtagsMoreReadable is the goal!

9. Don’t be that guy or gal!

Hashtags can be valuable but don’t be the guy who overuses them on Facebook. Use them judiciously and when they can be used best.

10. Keywords

Think of hashtags as keywords and consider which ones your customers and potential customers may be searching for or interested in.

11. Mobile friendly

Hashtags will ultimately all be mobile-friendly. Use them without any sort of hesitation from your mobile devices.

12. Remember: hashtags are searchable

Focus on your core business before expanding your hashtag “universe.”

The ultimate key is to get going. Start using hashtags today in Facebook and start implementing our “12 Most” tips!

How do you use hashtags?

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Love the last point. Indeed, hashtags matter. It's not just some sort of design on your post, they function like tags.


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