12 Most Merry Ways to Survive the Holidays with Pinterest

12 Most Merry Ways to Survive the Holidays with Pinterest

The holiday season is just around the corner. It’s time to start planning the meals, parties and gifts that bring us together with family and friends.

For many, the planning and preparation associated with the holiday season can be extremely stressful. Here are 12 ways you can use Pinterest to bring the stress level down a notch or two and add a little fun along the way.

1. Decorating ideas

Planning a big celebration and realize that your holiday decorations have seen better days? Is grandma’s centerpiece looking a little worn? It’s great to hold on to family keepsakes but maybe it’s time to add some of your own creations into the mix.

Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas for how to use what you already have or detailed instructions on how to create something new, there’s no better place to go online than Pinterest.

The key to finding exactly the kind of inspiration you’re looking for is to use Pinterest’s search function. Don’t just type in ” holiday decorations,” the results will be too broad and you’ll be searching for hours. Instead, use focused detailed descriptions of what you’re looking for such as “blue modern holiday decoration.” Believe it or not, there are several results for that search phrase.

Once you find a pin that suits your style click on the image for more information. Also, be sure to check out the board that the image is pinned to, chances are you’ll find some other gems on that pinner’s board that you’ll like.

2. Finding recipes

Just as your holiday decorations can use a little updating, maybe it’s time to update your recipes too. Or, maybe you’ve been invited to a holiday potluck and you want to take something extra special. Food is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest and a quick search for the type of recipe you need can lead you to the perfect one.

Many of the recipe pins on Pinterest will link to food blogs. Be sure to take a look at the comments below the recipe for reader feedback. Often, you’ll find some additional helpful information about the recipe.

3. Recipe sharing

Is it your turn to host this year’s big holiday meal? We saw how Pinterest can be a great way to find recipes for an entire meal that will dazzle your friends and family. They’ll be so impressed with your delicious creations that they’ll be begging you to share the recipes with them.

Make it easy for your guests by pinning the meal’s recipes to a specific board on your Pinterest account. When they ask you for a recipe simply direct them to your board.

Have one of your own recipes on the menu? No problem, with an online recipe card maker you can upload your recipes to be shared on Pinterest in a snap. Cindy from Skip to My Lou has a free recipe card maker that can be used for this. Here’s how to share you own recipes on Pinterest:

1. Go to Skip to My Lou recipe card maker

2. Follow the easy directions to create your recipe card (you can enter more than one recipe at a time)

3. On step #3 in the recipe card maker, select “Print Preview”

4. A new window with the preview will open, right click on the card and save the image to your computer (in Google Chrome)

5. Multiple cards are on each image. Use a photo editor like PicMonkey to crop your image

6. Share directly from PicMonkey or save the image and upload it to your recipe board on Pinterest.

Don’t want the treasured family holiday dessert recipe public on Pinterest? Pin it to a secret board to keep it just between you and the people you invite to that board.

4. Table setting

Many blushing brides include fine china and silverware on their wedding registry. For many of them, the only time those beautiful dishes and shiny pieces of silver are used is during the holiday season. It can be challenging to remember where each piece goes and what each piece is used for.

Pinterest can be a great place to look for a guide to help along the way. With the mobile app, you can keep the handy reference at your side while you set the table.

5. Party planning collaboration

Teaming up with someone for a party at work or your kid’s school? Create a group board together and pin ideas for decorations, invitations and other party details on the board. Use the comment section under each pin to discuss the details such as how many of each item will be needed.

6. Get gift ideas

Have friends or family who seem to have everything? When you ask what they would like for the holidays, they say something like “nothing.” If they have a Pinterest account you could have help in finding the perfect gift for them.

Check out their boards for inspiration on what to give them. If you’re really lucky, they’ll have pinned directly to a site where you can purchase the perfect gift for them.

7. To save you money

Gift giving during the holidays can quickly get expensive and between family, friends and co-workers, it’s important to make every dollar count. Pinterest can be a great way to help you comparison shop, especially for high-ticket items found online.

For example, let’s say your sweetheart has had their eye on an awesome DSLR camera. Being the loving person you are, you’re going to surprise them with it this holiday season but there’s no need to overspend.

To use Pinterest for comparison shopping:

1. Find the camera you’re looking for with a Pinterest or Google searc.

2. Once you’ve found retailers that carry the one you’re looking for, pin the image from each site to a secret board on Pinterest to keep the gift a surprise (Each Pinterest account can have up to three secret boards)

3. Include the details such as cost, shipping details and coupon codes in the pin description

When you’re ready to buy, you can easily scan your board for the best deal, click on the pin to the site and make your purchase. Your sweetheart’s holiday dream will come true and you’ll save some money.

8. Keep up with purchases already made

As kids get older, parents have to get creative in finding a place to hide gifts. To save money, the gifts are often purchased way ahead of the holidays. They can be hidden so well that they’re forgotten until they’re found during spring cleaning. Guilty as charged. I’ve written a list in the past but was always worried the kids would find it or I’d forget where I put the list. Pinterest can help avoid this situation.

Within the mobile Pinterest app, you can take a picture of your gifts as you purchase them and pin them to a secret board. Use the pin description area to remind yourself of what you’ve purchased and where you so masterfully hid the gift.

9. Organize gifts

Having many friends and family members to buy gifts for can cause major stress once the holiday season arrives. Create a Pinterest board to plan an organize gift ideas.

Use the Pin description area to name the person who the gift is for and where the gift can be purchased. The list will be easily accessible from the Pinterest mobile app. Once the gift has been purchased, make yourself a note in this area to help keep your list current.

10. Be charitable

It’s easy to get caught up and lose sight of how special the winter holidays are and the importance of giving. Pinterest can be a great resource for finding charitable organizations or non-profits to give to. On Pinterest, search for terms such as non-profit, charity, awareness or cause. Once you find the perfect organization to give to, you can take it a step further by repining the organization and sharing it with your followers.

11. Travel plans

Does this holiday season include traveling? Create a Pinterest board to help with your travel plans. From your online research of travel sites or from a search within Pinterest you can pin and organize:

• Hotel options
• Local events and attractions
• Restaurant reviews

To play it safe, keep your travel plans private by pinning to a secret board. When you arrive at your destination, simply use the Pinterest mobile app to look up all of the local information you have organized on your Pinterest board. A little planning and pinning ahead can save time and frustration during holiday travel.

12. For relaxing

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Grab a cup of tea or your favorite drink and take a few moments to escape into the beautiful images on Pinterest. Whether you enjoy getting lost in images of the peaceful countryside, tropical beaches or luxurious rooms, you’re sure to find your “ahh…” in Pinterest.

The holidays can easily get out of control but with Pinterest we can find inspiration, recipes to prepare, keep organized and even find some relaxation. Have you discovered other ways that Pinterest can help keep your holidays merry? Let me know in the comments.

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Cynthia Sanchez


Cynthia Sanchez is an entrepreneur and public speaker with a passion for Pinterest. She is the creator of the Oh So Pinteretsing blog and podcast where she guides businesses in finding success with Pinterest. When away form her business she can be found spending time with her husband and 2 sets of twins.

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Hi Cynthia!  

Thanks for posting such great tips.  I especially love # 3: Recipe Sharing -- what a smart idea.  I love that your focus is on making Pinterest personal and customizing it to the individual.  I think a lot of times, people try to appeal to the masses on Pinterest so they end up pinning anything and everything.  So their Pinterest becomes an encyclopedia, rather than a story.  

Happy Holidays to you and your family!