12 Most Altruistic Reasons to Keep Blogging

12 Most Altruistic Reasons to Keep Blogging

Many business owners, executives and marketers say it’s challenging or near impossible to find time in the week to keep up with their blogging. Yet consistency is key when it comes to building trust, visibility and credibility online.

If helping your own business isn’t motivating enough to give blogging your attention, here are 12 ways your blogging can help others:

1. Blogging is teaching

Whether you’re sharing tips, explaining how your product or service works, or telling stories about topics that relate to your business, you’re giving people information and insights they didn’t have before.

2. Blogging is gratifying

Because blogs are indexed quickly by search engines and are so easy to share and promote on social media, by blogging you give people quick and easy access to what they want now.

3. Blogging empowers others

By teaching others what you know, you’re providing tools to solve their problems, improve their businesses or change their lives.

4. Blogging opens minds

You have a unique set of ideas, experiences, skills and beliefs. By writing authentically about these and how they intersect with your blog’s topic, you never know what you’ll spark in someone else’s mind.

5. Blogging creates a trusted resource

When you apply experience, knowledge and research to present helpful and accurate information, people can trust and rely on your blog as a credible source of information and/or guidance.

6. Blogging can help advocate

Building credibility through blogging makes you a powerful advocate because people are more likely to listen to an expert — whether you’re speaking for those without a voice or advocating your own ideas for change.

7. Blogging can inspire

Putting your ideas into the world and being an expert encourages other people to claim their expertise and raise their own voices.

8. Blogging gives back

A blog is a great forum for highlighting and promoting the good work being done by charitable organizations in your local or global community, and asking others to support them as well.

9. Blogging shares the wealth

By reviewing or mentioning a related product or service on your blog, you can give another business the gift of exposure to a wider audience.

10. Blogging is community

When you blog effectively about topics that are interesting and helpful to your ideal customers, it draws those people to you. When your blog turns into a community it becomes a treasured place for people to gather and celebrate passion for an industry, a tool, a belief or a resource.

11. Blogging is personal

By opening your blog to comments, and responding to all individual comments and questions on your blog, social media and email, you’re offering a personal touch that so many people are missing. Not only is that good for people, it’s good for business.

12. Blogging is good for business

While you’re sharing helpful information, inspiring new ideas and actions, growing a larger audience, advancing worthy causes, building a community, and connecting on a personal level, you’ll be attracting the ideal customers (and referrals to them) who resonate with your mission. By blogging to create a more successful business, you will have more resources to share, and more time, energy and attention to make the world a better place.

How has or could your blog connect you with community groups or causes? What has been the most fulfilling thing about blogging for your business? What are some examples of business blogs you’ve seen that use blogging to help others? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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Linda Dessau


Linda Dessau is the author of Write Your Way to More Clients Online and the founder of Content Mastery Guide. Linda has been writing for the web since 2003, creating her “You Talk, I’ll Write” service in July 2005. Today, her hands-free blogging service helps small businesses attract their ideal customers with captivating content.

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