12 Most Earnest People to Thank

12 Most Earnest People to Thank

Recent research has shown that giving thanks improves health and happiness. Often that practice is translated into some kind of meditative thankfulness, giving a mindful nod for various blessings that have enriched our lives.

I would suggest that a more practical approach could yield even greater results and spread even more joy: Tell someone with skin on, someone you can look in the eye, how thankful you are for them and why.

This list offers a few potential starting points, in alpha order.

1. The Advocate

We all need bridge-builders in our lives, those people who expose us to new opportunities, who introduce us to important connections, who make the impossible possible by standing in the gap for us. A big thank you to all you good references out there. You know who you are.

2. The Beautifier

Throughout our small seaside town there are several common street corners made less common and more lovely by the anonymous efforts of several green thumbed volunteers. If it’s you, let me know so I can shake your calloused hands and say, “I noticed.”

3. The Cheerful

Life can be tough. Mornings are particularly tough (for me), and Monday mornings… forget about it. As my friend Holly has pointed out to me, at times like that, there’s nothing more welcome than “the Starbucks barista who is cheerful and upbeat even while you, in a pre-caffeinated state, struggle to articulate your order.” Indeed.

4. The Darer

“You can do better than that.” Oh, that’s a hard thing to hear. But blessed be the deliverer of that dare. We are sharpened by such friendships.

5. The Encourager

Remember your high school social studies teacher who nudged you to apply to the college of your dreams? How about letting him know that you got in, passed with flying colors, and now are doing just fine, thank you?

6. The Forgetful

I’ve reserved the top third of my “count your blessings” list to those people who seem only to remember the good things about me, the nice things I’ve said, the generous things I’ve done. They apparently have amnesia about, well… the rest of the story.

7. The Giver

They are always there with the chicken soup and a smile, when the tire’s gone flat and the power is out, any hour of the day or night when we’re in a pinch. Give them a round of big sloppy gratitude.

8. The Hairdresser

Not only do these folks make us look amazing, they listen to all the details of our not so interesting lives. Give it up for cosmetologists!

9. The Insightful

There’s nothing better than a shared silence and a cup of tea with a friend who doesn’t need an explanation. Say it or don’t say it, this one already knows.

10. The Joker

Laughter is good medicine. Since I’m not a natural jokester myself, I’m particularly grateful for the comics in my life.

11. The Knack

No, I’m not talking about the New Wave band of the catchy “My Sharona” late seventies hit. I mean the friend who seems to know how to do all those handy things that you can’t or don’t want to bother with, my IT genius cousin who cleared the viruses of my laptop, the neighbor who has instant recall on all emergency phone numbers… good people to know.

12. The Leader

Thanks to the fearless ones who are willing to get out and stay out in front of the great and risky causes. You’ve got what the world needs — guts.

A list of twelve only gets me to L. Who are your Ms, Ns, and Os?

Featured image courtesy of Joelk75 licensed via Creative Commons.

Kelly Belmonte


Kelly Belmonte is a poet, blogger, and management consultant with expertise in non-profit organizational development and youth mentoring. She blogs about creativity and artistic expression on her blog "All Nine Muses". Her poetry has been published in Atlas Poetica and Relief Journal, and her two books of poetry, "Three Ways of Searching" and "Spare Buttons", are available through Finishing Line Press.

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Very inspiring list here Kelly. This is a much better message for those people who are effectively get emotional by this approaching feelings in one another. Especially when talking about memories of being friends.


Wonderful list, Kelly - and very creative use of "The Forgetful" - those are special people!

Martina McGowan
Martina McGowan

My favs are the darers and the forgetful.

I am always blessed by those who seem to overlook my own forgetfulness, occasional lack of tact, busyness and human-ness. They remind me of who I can be.

I have always had a few darers in my life. My first was mu fourth grade teacher. And those few words, "You can do better..." made all the difference in my life. It is also something I have continued to pay forward.

Thanks for sharing and reminding us Kelly.


@Martina McGowan You're very welcome, Martina! One I would add in retrospect is "The Responder"... the one who gives feedback, responds to posts... like you! Thanks so much for connecting.