12 Most Fox-Like Things an Entrepreneur Would Say

12 Most Fox-Like Things an Entrepreneur Would Say

As the President of my weekly business networking group, The Group Halifax, part of my responsibility is to come up with a “table topic” for our weekly meetings. A few weeks ago, in the height of the What Would the Fox Say parody craze, I got a bright idea. I asked my fellow members “What would the entrepreneur say?” I diligently wrote them all down and then thanked them for helping me to write a blog post!

Here’s what they said:

1. Where’s the money going to come from for that?

2. You have to grow personally to grow your business

3. Do I really want to do that?

4. How do I find more time?

5. Bring it on!

6. I need a clone

7. How do I get to the next level?

8. What is going to work best?

9. Where do I start?

10. Plan for success and follow the plan, because…

11. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

12. I control my life

(Or more commonly, I control which 90 hours a week I work.)

Looking back at the responses, I find it interesting that we vacillated back and forth between being overwhelmed and looking forward. Entrepreneurs are a gutsy species and whether we are just in startup mode, growth mode or succession planning mode, we’re doing whatever it takes. I’ve said all of these things at one point or another and I’m sure the entrepreneurs out there can say the same.

What would you say?

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Anita Hovey


Anita is commonly referred to as the Head Twirp. By day she's a mild-mannered (NOT) social media consultant and trainer, at her own company Twirp Communications. By night she's a paper crafting super hero (PERHAPS). Addicted to all things pretty and frilly, lover of all colors, chewer of cinnamon gum, wearer of awesome boots, and not afraid to admit her friends live in her computer. She just wishes Dexter Morgan and Eric Northman would come OUT of her computer. Find Anita on Pinterest too!

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That’s the reality behind the success of every entrepreneur and they could really relate on this. I like it Anita.


Great post! Now, if only I could get that goofy song out of my head, Anita! 


Anita, I love this post! Of course, I'm an entrepreneur so I could relate to all 12 responses. I'll add: "NO!" - I have to say no to a lot of things to manage my 90 hours of work for the week :) Thanks for sharing your discussion from your group.  - Mary-Lynn, BIGG Success


@marylynn3 Yes, I think the word "No" came up too, but I only had 12 spots to fill for this post!