12 Most Pinning Tips for Pinterest

12 Most Pinning Tips for Pinterest

By now we all know that Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site. Pinterest allows us to easily explore, discover, collect, and share things that interest us. We can plan, learn, remember, and inspire all with one Pin.

1. Visual and interest social sharing network

You have the opportunity to share another aspect of yourself with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and discover new friends with similar interests.

2. Follow others

With Pinterest you search, collect, catalog, and share what interests you. Follow family and friends to see what they are Pinning. But also use the search box and categories on Pinterest to discover boards with things that you are interested in and then you can choose to follow only that board or all — you decide what is shared with you.

3. Personal and professional use

Pinterest is an amazing tool for work inspiration. Manage professional and personal boards from the same account. Because people can choose to follow all of your boards or just one it is easy to filter and focus content with the right audience. You can create a separate account for biz and personal but it can be time consuming to bounce between accounts.

4. Privacy on Pinterest

If you do not want to share all of your interests with others or are working on projects (or holiday shopping) — utilize Secret Boards. Pinterest gave us a special gift — three extra private boards. You can hide your Pinterest profile from search engines but ALL other boards are visible to anyone on Pinterest.

5. Use keywords and be specific

Focus your interests and create boards that express your interests and what you are passionate about. Name the boards and add descriptions accordingly. Hashtags associated with a word will produce a gallery.

6. Pin and re-Pin on the go

Pinterest has an app for the iPhone, Droid, and a brand new iPad app for iOS7 — discover something when you are out and about, capture it with your phone, add a description/location, and upload directly to your Pin boards.

7. Share your Pins

Tweet a Pin, Share a Pin on Facebook and on Google+.

Use tools from Pinterest to showcase your Pins on your blog or website and, of course, add the Pin it button.

A power sharing tip: Use Buffer App to share your pins! Also, share your Pins using the hashtag #PinoftheDay.

8. Learn something new

Want to learn how to take the best photographs, make a souffle, redecorate your bedroom, where to go in Napa and what to do, etc? Someone else had that same interest and has created a board just for that full of tips, ideas and even tutorials and they are adding fresh content to it all the time

9. Pinterest Facebook Timeline App

You can now share all of Pins on your Facebook Timeline. Pins will be automatically grouped showing your most recent activity, what you have liked on Pinterest and who you have followed. You are asked when you log onto Pinterest if you want to activate Timeline sharing — remember this is frictionless sharing so everyone Pin will be shared on Facebook but you can adjust your sharing settings in Facebook under apps

10. You are what you Pin

Pins really tell a story about what inspires us, what we are passionate about. They connect our past, present, and future. Remember ALL boards are PUBLIC any one can see what you have Pinned.

11. Return to the original source

Whenever possible click through to discover the original source. This way you can discover more about the recipe, craft, before you re-Pin it. And you can also discover if the image and content still exists on the platform — sometimes content has been re-blogged several times before you are returned to the original source

12. Turn “Pinspiration” into creation

Pick a Pin — a recipe, craft, a photo idea and do it. The most rewarding part about Pinterest is turning inspiration into something that you can enjoy and share with family and friends. Create a ‘Made Board’ or ‘Got R Done’ share photos of your creation, what you enjoyed most about it, how you tweaked it to make it uniquely your own

Pinterest makes it is for us to consume the limitless amount of information we encounter everyday. It is simple and easy to use — login to discover, collect, and share.

So what are you Pinning?

Featured image courtesy of The Shopping Sherpa via Creative Commons, other images from Pinterest.

Kelly Lieberman


Kelly considers herself a social media sponge. She loves using this medium to connect people & ideas. Coffee addict, rainbow chaser, giving my girls roots & wings. Kelly believes the glass is always half full. And she always plays nice. Kelly is a social media manager and consultant. She works with businesses and organizations to help them grow comfortably social on the inside so that they can better utilize social media platforms. Kelly is also the host of a weekly Pinterest chat, #Pinchat Wednesday on Twitter at 9 PM EST which was featured on Mashable.

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