12 Most Obvious Reasons We are Flocking from Facebook to Google+

12 Most Obvious Reasons We are Flocking from Facebook to Google+

Google+ is nearly two-and-a-half years old now — the teething pains have gone and it is maturing into the place to be online.

It was something of a break of habit for me to make it my first place to go when I wake up but I have done it. I am far from alone. I am getting 20-30 times the engagement on an average post on Google+ compared with Facebook.

Here the 12 most obvious reasons for me that the “migration” is in full swing. I am sure that you will have some to add as well.

1. Google+ is beautiful

Especially on the iPad. Photos and GIFs are showcased in a way that makes it a total joy to peruse the stream of content.

2. Organization tools

Circle people, message circles and events that are actually seen by the people you invite to them. Ripples that show you who your key engagers and sharers are. Communities where you can divide posts into categories. I could go on and on.

In the past three weeks I have rolled the second, fourth and fifth biggest circle shares in Google+ history. The MegaBall. This has awakened interest in Google+ for thousands of people that are not regular users. Some of the people included in the MegaBall have reported increases in their Google+ follower counts upwards of 3,000 people in those two weeks. Circle shares are the most powerful networking tool available online right now.

3. Openness

I have 5,000 Facebook friends but the way Facebook is set up, barely any of them ever see my posts. On Google+ by comparison, posts are getting shared to a wide audience very quickly and when your post reaches What’s Hot it can be seen by tens of thousands. Facebook has a trending post as well that I see, which for the last six days in a row has been from CNet who presumably paid handsomely for this privilege.

4. Stickability

The ability to imbed posts into blogs and other websites means that posts can gain massive attraction for a prolonged period of time. They are open for public viewing with no limitations and rank well in Google search.

5. SEO

If you add a URL into your post, any +1s you get will be credited to that link. I am averaging around 7–8,000 +1s for my site each week. Enough said.

6. Hangouts

So much more social. Talking face to face with friends and sometimes new people is fun. The range of tools available for hangouts is incredible. Just by themselves, Hangouts are a reason to migrate!

7. Hangouts on Air

It is so much more effective to be able to have people actually watch and interact during the event on the event page. Now there are also Google Helpouts and Google+ will be a much more effective place to promote them. Being able to automatically archive the Hangout on Air in your YouTube account is wonderful.

8. GIFs and “AutoAwesomes”

Fun, lively and often fascinating. Seems so much more alive. My GIFs usually get shared a lot. Give the people what they want. I have no idea why Facebook does not allow them — people say it is for “security” but I do not understand this.

9. China

I am getting a huge number of Chinese circling me and engaging on my posts. There are a lot of people there, so think of the future. Will your brand want a presence in China? Do you need to be networking with people from there?

10. Circle sharing

This is networking on steroids and a major reason why I have been circled by around 35,000 people in the past 6 months.

11. YouTube and blog comments integration

When you comment on YouTube, now it is as your Google+ profile. People can easily find you and learn more about you — it is another way in which Google+ is becoming the center of our internet universe for many of us.

This week, I added the Evolve plugin to my blog and discovered maybe 10,000 conversation threads about my posts on Google+ that I did not even know existed. Every time somebody shares a post to Google+, the conversation happens right on my site. Facebook wanted the conversation happening in their place, but Google does not mind. I am now using Google+ as my default comment option and it is working great.

12. Facebook is greedy for money

Way, way, way too many ads — stifling posts by Pages unless you pay to promote them. Google on the other hand seems to keep improving the site and heightening the user experience by the week.

Are you seeing the same trend and feeling the same things? When we consider what will be the main place to get bang for your time o line buck in say two years time, surely Google+ is a no-brainer to switch your primary allegiance to right now.

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Michael Q. Todd


Michael is the author and daily updater of The 7 Pillars Book. This is a collaborative updating resource to enhance your online presence. His teaching will help you save time with and monetize your online efforts.

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