12 Most Fundamental Skills Every Mother Should Teach Her Sons

12 Most Fundamental Skills Every Mother Should Teach Her Sons


The world has changed and evolved over the last few decades. These days, boys are growing up in a world that expects more and more of them.

Gone are the days when a man’s only responsibility was going to work and bringing home a paycheck. Gone are the days when a man would come home from work and be waited on by his wife and do nothing else.

These days most families are in need of two paychecks. Some families do make the choice to live on one paycheck, but even if the wife is able to stay home and not work for pay (because there is plenty of work at home), chances are she still expects some kind of help from her husband.

As a mother to more boys than girls, I have my eye on the future. I want my boys to have all the skills that will assure my future daughters-in-law love me, or at least not blame me for their husband’s ineptitude.

So what should a mother teach her sons?

1. How to cook

Boys don’t need to need to know how to cook gourmet meals unless they happen to love cooking. They should at least know how to make eggs, pasta, chicken and have familiarity with the basics of cooking and ingredients.

2. How to clean

No one likes living with a slob. Someone who knows how to dust, vacuum, wash floors and clean is a gem.

3. How to clean toilets

This deserves a mention separate from the “how to clean” because for some reason, the men in my life think toilets clean themselves. THAT IS A MYTH.

4. How to sew buttons

Anyone can master simple mending skills. Why should boys be reliant on someone else to sew a button back on their shirts?

5. How to use a fork and knife correctly

Eating a nice meal in a nice restaurant (or actually anywhere) with someone who eats like a cavemen is a real turn-off.

6. How to sort and wash laundry

Imagine a guy who not only picks up after himself but also knows how to wash his own smelly socks without turning the whole wash pink?

7. How to food shop

Food shopping is not just about going into a store and loading up a shopping cart. It’s about learning what products your family uses, what is considered a good price and what sales are really a savings. It is, alas, about packing up the bags and unpacking them and putting the groceries away.

8. How to wash dishes

It’s rude and inconsiderate to leave dishes in the sink for someone else to do. You ate, you wash.

9. How to give compliments

Sincere compliments are a learned skill for most people. The earlier that kids are taught the importance of compliments and how to give them, the better off they will be.

10. How to change a diaper

Nothing is cooler than a guy who is a natural at changing a baby’s diaper and does it willingly.

11. How to iron

This is a another skill everyone can learn. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

12. How to treat a women with respect and courtesy

Most importantly, teach your sons that women are their equals and should be treated with the same respect and courtesy that they themselves would want to be treated with.

How many of these skills have you taught your sons? For the men out there — how many of these skills have you mastered? Are there any other skills you would add to the list?

Featured image courtesy of UggBoy♥UggGirl licensed via Creative Commons.

Susie Newday


Susie is a wife, mother of 5, blogger, RN (ER & Oncology) and a creative jack of many trades. Her passion is helping and connecting with people and she does her best to learn something new each day. Susie lives in Israel after having emigrated there half a life ago.

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