12 Most Compelling Reasons to Visit 12 Most

We believe we are doing something pretty special here at 12 Most. Yes, it is a website of lists… yet it is also so much more.

Following is our mission statement, laid out in typical 12 Most fashion. After all, this is what we do best.

Well, OK… we also:

1. Publish the best list articles on the web

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the typical, trite list posts. You know, the ones most everyone else is doing? 12 Most means being on the cusp of the latest, greatest, most exciting and fascinating happenings in business and media.

2. Inspire professionals to do better daily

We strive to give business and media professionals fresh, new, interesting content each and every day.

3. Offer consistent, quality content full of variety

Our content fits three main categories: Business, Media and Lifestyle. Some posts go deep, providing comprehensive insights into dense topics. Others are lighter in scope, message, and tone, but the goal is to provide some sort of relevant takeaway with every post. Either way, you will never know what is coming next.

4. Impact both your work and personal lives

Professionals work hard, live hard and play hard, so we offer something for all facets of your life. From business, leadership, media and the latest technologies to food, wine, travel, health, fitness, parenting, and more… we have you covered.

5. Prescribe healthy doses of smartitude

Hundreds of brilliant writers have joined 12 Most to offer valuable tips, discoveries, and glimpses into their personal passions and concerns. These kinds of insights are usually gleaned only from personal relationships or expensive seminars and books. You get it all right here.

6. Package our posts to fit busy schedules

Our posts are intentionally easy to digest. You can read them in depth or skim the 12 points to get the basic gist of the article. If a post really stokes your interest, they are very well-suited to visit again later when there is more time, and visit the links and/or various resources that are often included.

7. Provide a platform for newer writers to be seen and read by a broad, influential audience

We have some terrific weekly writers whom people enjoy reading regularly, but just as enjoyable are the fresh perspectives and diverse opinions offered by our new writers. Contributors appreciate the visibility they receive from 12 Most, and the bios appearing with each post includes links to their various online endeavors.

8. Offer exciting advertising opportunities for savvy businesses

Our readership keeps growing which means more page views, more visibility and
more interest. It also means more and more very bright people are paying
attention to what we have to say! If you would like to be in front of this very select, upscale audience, we would love to talk to you.

9. Lighten things up with entertaining diversions

Not all of our posts are serious. Some are just pure fun. Seriously.

10. Stimulate bigger conversations

Commenting on our posts puts you in the fast lane to joining our community. Sharing them via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and Pinterest helps spread the 12 Most energy throughout social media and the interwebs.

11. Create networking opportunities

Becoming a contributor to 12 Most means becoming involved with a community of
intelligent, like-minded people whom you may not have met otherwise. From great writers to passionate editors and a tuned-in readership, you never know what new doors may be opened.

12. Nurture a vibrant community of the best, the brightest, and the most influential

More than a compilation of list posts, 12 Most is a community of the most
fascinating people you could hope to meet. Our community has blossomed into an engaged public forum and a wonderful tribe of writers and contributors that shares, teaches, learns and laughs. Interacting with this group is a one-of-a-kind experience of pure awesomeness.

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If you are interested in writing for us here on 12 Most, please visit our How to Guest Post page. For advertising opportunities or media inquiries, please email 12MostSubmissions@gmail.com