How To Guest Post for 12 Most

door, creative house, welcomeThere’s something about a list…

Lists are quick to produce and easy to consume. But we want 12 Most to be more than that. We are focused entirely on producing high quality posts that are interesting, informative, relevant and engaging for business and media professionals.

If you are interested in guest posting for us at 12 Most, there are a few things you should know:

1. Categories

We are focused on three main categories with specific topics under each:

Business: Management & Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Talent & Professional Development

Media: Branding & Design, Social Media & Blogging, Creativity & Innovation, Digital & Online, Technology

Lifestyle: Arts & Entertainment, Family & Parenting, Travel & Photography, Food & Beverage, Social Good

2. Submissions

We’re not currently accepting guest posts for 12 Most.

3. Content

First and foremost, 12 Most strives for high-quality content and its integrity is very important to us. We only accept original content and request first publication of all posts. Please do not submit posts that have appeared elsewhere.

Posts should be non-promotional in nature. We do not accept paid inbound links or any promotional links other than what we deem appropriate and tasteful in the author bio which appears at the bottom of each post. Posts should be written and submitted by individuals, not companies. NO SPAM PLEASE!

We do offer advertising in these sizes: 468 x 60 px top banner, 728 X 90 px bottom banner, or 125 X 125 px sidebar.

Please keep in mind that this is a not a personal blog and posts should not be overly personal in nature or tone. Furthermore, we generally avoid certain controversial and/or divisive topics such as religion or politics. Exceptions may be made depending on slant but only at the discretion of 12 Most.

Any images submitted must be clear of any copyright or trademark infringement and include proper attribution to their creators or owners. 12 Most assumes no liability for any images supplied by contributors that do not have the appropriate permissions.

4. Proposal Acceptance

If your proposal is accepted, here is what we will need along with your post:

  • An email address that is associated with a account — this is how 12 Most will pull your headshot for your bio.
  • A 2-4 sentence bio for use with your post. This should be as evergreen as possible as bios cannot be changed once they are set.
  • A short list with links to your personal social media profiles — these will appear as buttons beneath your bio.

This short bio will appear along with your post, giving you the attention you deserve with links to your website and personal social media profiles. The bio should be written about you as an individual and not for a company.

5. 12 Most Style Guide

Submit your post as an MS Word or simple text doc. Please omit all styling (no tabs, indents, special text styling, coding, etc.) — the simpler the better.

Our format consists of four parts:

A. Title
Every post begins “12 Most…”

Please be creative with your titles: smart, short and eye-catching. Using a creative, impactful adjective after “12 Most” can go a long way. Check out the posts on this website for reference and whatever you do, avoid using adjectives that have been overused (ie: common, important, useful…).

B. Intro
Begin with an insightful, interesting and attention-grabbing opening paragraph to set the scene for your 12 Most post.

C. List of 12 items

  • Add <h2> and </h2> tags before and after each numbered point (just cut and paste for each one — that’s it!)
  • Keep numbered items all lowercase except for the first letter of the first word (as well as any proper nouns, etc.)
  • There should be NO period at the end of each numbered item.

Example for how each point should look:
<h2>1. Really get to know your readers</h2>
The rest of the text follows under each point just like this with no line space.

D. Conclusion
Wrap up your post with a few lines to give the post an appropriate ending. We also suggest that you end by asking a question that involves the reader and encourages comments on your post.

When inserting a link within your post, please use the following coding and only change the parts indicated:
<a href = “URL you are linking to” target=_blank”>text to appear or title of the link</a>

* Alternatively, please highlight your links with a color and include the urls separately so we can add the links for you.

6. Scheduling

Posts must be emailed to Scheduling will be at the discretion of 12 Most and we are usually built out a few weeks in advance. Writers are informed of the schedule the Friday before their posts will run in the closed Facebook group (you will be invited to this community after your post is accepted). Due to the number of writers and sheer volume of posts we manage, we do not email personal status updates — most communication happens through the Facebook group.

7. Republication

Any written work submitted to 12 Most is owned by 12 Most. You are free to republish your own work that is originally posted on 12 Most, provided you follow the republication guidelines set forth on the 12 Most site. 12 Most grants the original author these rights of republication, but expressly reserves any additional republication rights, except insofar as specific arrangements are made with additional publishers. Moreover, contributors retain all intellectual property rights and creative rights in any designs, graphics or images they may publish in conjunction with their posts on 12 Most. 12 Most only owns the written content created for this site.

8. Promotion and Community

After you become part of the 12 Most tribe, we look forward to your continued involvement with our writers and broader community. Most people find that writing for 12 Most helps their professional reputations and expands their influence — it also opens the door to a wonderful community that includes some of the brightest minds in business and media.

In order to help make 12 Most the best it can be and help all of our writers get the recognition they deserve, we ask that you please:

  • Promote and share your post a few times a day to your network through tweeting, posting links on your other social media pages, or however else you think this is best accomplished. Please include the #12Most hashtag.
  • Monitor your post and respond in the comments section throughout the day your post runs and periodically thereafter. We pride ourselves on having cultivated a pretty awesome reader community and we aim to maintain that level of engagement with our community. If you are limited in your time and unable to respond, then perhaps a guest post at 12 Most is not a good fit for you. We really hope you become an integral part of the discussion — engaging, commenting, and responding in our comments section.
  • Comment on others’ 12 Most posts by following the #12Most hashtag and share the ones you find interesting or compelling with your network, again through whatever means works best for you. Remember: the more you comment on and share other posts, the more of the same you can expect in return.

Featured image courtesy of Miguel Vera licensed via Creative Commons.